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Donetsk ladies looking for husband

  • Irina from Donetsk 36 y/o
    Irina from Ukraine36 y.o.My hobbies are music and singing, visiting new places, theater, painting, cars. My favorite food is Land Cress, Low-fat yogurt, Salt. My favorite actors are Jennifer Alden, Krysten Ritter, Marie Bartz, Olivia Thirlby, Richard Burgi and liked movie is I Want to Live! (1958). The last book that I read was Dead Babies – Martin Amis.
  • Oksana from Donetsk 29 y/o
    Oksana from Ukraine29 y.o.I adore nature and theater, music, fitness, jewellery, dining out. My favorite food is Soybean, Basil. My favorite actors are Arlene Phillips, Peter Jacobson and liked movie is Look Back in Anger (1959). The last book that I read was The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers.
  • Yuliya from Donetsk 28 y/o

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